Safe & Responsible Cycling

Here are Cycle Evesham Vale’s (CEV) top ten tips to make sure you stay safe and have fun. Don’t forget to take a drink too.

1. Be seen and be safe

You don’t need to get kitted out with full lycra, just wear some bright clothing or a Hi-Vis gilet.

2. Ride one metre from the kerb

Bikeability research has proven that other vehicles give you more space in this position than if you are riding in the gutter, and there are fewer drains, potholes and rubbish to contend with.

3. Communicate with other road users

Cyclists can say so much by their position on the road, making eye contact, the lifesaver look over the shoulder, and clear hand signals. All can help drivers to understand and anticipate cyclists’ intentions.

4. Make good decisions

Make sure you understand who has priority at junctions and around hazards, and make your decisions clear to other road users.

5. Say thank you

The vast majority of other road users are highly respectful of cyclists. Give a thank-you wave if they have had to wait behind to overtake, and when they give you a nice wide berth when passing. We also recommend raising your arm when a lorry has passed you to signal that it’s safe to pull back in, similar to flashing headlights on the motorway.

6. Use the right gear

Most modern bikes have plenty of gears, so hills needn’t be too much of an obstacle. Change to a lower gear before the hill gets steep, and keep the legs spinning.

7. Choose a quiet route

While most roads around the Vale can be cycled in safety, it’s much more enjoyable to explore the quiet lanes and back roads. Have a look at the map, and pick a route to explore our hidden gems.

8. Share the space

Whether using cycle paths or roads, respect the rights of pedestrians, vehicles and other users.

9. Check your bike

Use the simple ABC check: air, brakes and chain. If you haven’t used it for a while, get a cyclist friend or cycle shop to help you with a more thorough check.

10. Look ahead

As when driving a car, anticipating hazards and adjusting to road and traffic conditions can help to keep you and others safe.

If these tips inspire you to get on your bike, but you need a bit of help in applying them, CEV can help. Whether you are a novice or a returning cyclist, we offer cycle training to individuals, families and groups. We aim to bring back the joy of cycling, and help you to feel safe when riding around the town and our beautiful Vale. With support from Wychavon District Council we provide three training sessions for just £10, which includes a complementary HiViz gilet. For more information and to book your cycle training, please text Robin Walker on 07974 919175 or email [email protected]