About us

Welcome to our website dedicated to help making the Vale of Evesham the best place to cycle for all people.  All good ideas start with a good cuppa and something cyclists love more than anything else is a good coffee.

Starting in January 2015, we at Cycle Evesham Vale (CEV) all share the same passion – to make the Vale of Evesham the best location it can be for cycling. It’s a beautiful location and a stepping stone in to the Cotswolds, the Malverns or even across to Stratford on the Greenway.  We recognise that cycling means many different things to many different people.

  • To promote safe and responsible cycling as an effective means of local transport in the Vale of Evesham
  • To represent the interests of cyclists in Evesham Vale to local councils, Highways Agency and other relevant bodies
  • To champion the development of an improved infrastructure for cyclists in the Vale
  • To provide a source of information and advice to local and visiting cyclists
  • To reduce dependency on the motor car, reduce pollution and so improve our environment
About us